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Wedding Cake Pricing

All cakes have 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling

Round Tiers: 

3.90 per slice with vanilla or almond buttercream filling 

4.50 per slice with a flavored filling

Square Tiers: 

4.95 per slice with vanilla or almond buttercream filling

5.55 per slice with a flavored filling

.85 per slice for fondant covering

Additional charge for decoration/detail & delivery 

Economy Wedding Cake Pricing

3.85 per slice

  • Economy wedding cakes do not require a tasting

  • Design choices are limited to horizontally lined texture or spackled buttercream 

  • Each tier must be the same flavor and only filled with vanilla buttercream 

  • Any fresh flowers are the responsibility of the couple and their florist

  • Delivery is not provided for economy cakes. Pickup must be arranged on the wedding day or day prior

  • Prior to receiving the cake, purchaser will be informed on proper storage and transport of the cake and sign off on the cake at pickup


May I get an estimate on my cake prior to my appointment?

If you have a cake design already picked out, please feel free to email me the design, the number of guests you are anticipating, and the date/time of the wedding reception. I'll in turn, be more than glad to give you an estimate


How does buttercream frosting compare to fondant frosting?

Buttercream has a smooth creamy texture, rich taste and a favorite amongst guests. However, many love the satiny smooth look of fondant, but has heard that it does not taste as good as buttercream. Fondants from scratch taste better than pre-packaged, and mine is of course made from scratch.

Fondant has a chewy texture, similar to that of a candy corn. It is a sugar dough that is kneaded, rolled to size and then draped and smoothed over a buttercream iced cake as a decorative finish. My fondant can be made in plain or chocolate flavors.

In our opinion, fondant may be compared to the crust of a pizza, you may choose to enjoy it or leave it as you will still have a generous serving of cake and buttercream to savor.


Wedding Cake Information: Each tier may be a different flavor at no extra charge. All tiered cakes are frosted in vanilla buttercream.  Vanilla buttercream and fondant may be tinted a different color.  I do not offer custom dummy cakes (fake cakes).  Detail work out of frosting on the cake may not be possible in certain colors due to the risk of bleeding from high humidity in late spring to early fall. Dawn's Couture Cakes is not responsible for any items added to the cake after delivery or any damage done to the cake once it is delivered and set up.  Only Dawn's Couture Cakes will apply fresh flowers to the cake.  It is the bride and groom's responsibility to check with their florist to see which flowers can and cannot touch icing or cake that individuals can consume. When combined with sheet cake(s); at least 50% of all wedding cake servings MUST come from a tiered cake.


Wedding consultations:

Dawn offers 1 hour wedding cake tasting/consultations and will help guide you through the world of cakes to create something that is perfect and unique to your style and needs. You’ll have the opportunity to try some delicious samples as well! I know that planning a wedding or a milestone event can be a stressful time in life and I want to give you the best experience possible, so I will work with you to schedule a time that works for you. I have an extensive portfolio available for you to browse through and I highly encourage you to bring in anything that you would like to use as inspiration for your cake, whether it’s a picture, an invitation, or a swatch of fabric in the perfect color, we want your cake to be personal and inspired by you! Tasting appointments at Dawn's Couture Cakes are $25 for the couple, and $5.00 per additional person.  Please call or e-mail Dawn's Couture Cakes to see if I have availability on your wedding day! Please note that a 20% deposit must be made to lock in your wedding date on my calendar.


Additional Costs: Included in the cost per piece is a filled and buttercream frosted cake with a plain exterior, buttercream dots or hand scrolling. Extra decoration fees may be applied depending on elaboration of design or tools and special product required to create design. Detail work is charged by the hour at $35.00. 

Delivery: I charge .75 per mile in the Southeast Iowa and Northeast Missouri areas from my site to the reception location and back.  Wedding cakes 3-tiers and above must be delivered while event/party cakes may be picked up at a pre-arranged time.


Round Party Cake Sizes 

2-layer cakes
2 layers of cake with buttercream or
filling sandwiched in between 
*flavored filling 
first price - vanilla or almond buttercream filling only 
does not include ANY decoration in price (charged separately)
8" serves 12 - 14  = $46/51*
9"' serves 16 - `18  = $60/67*
10" serves 18 - 20 = $67/$72*


- layer cakes
3 layers of cake & 2 layers of filling
   6" serves 12 = 
8" serves  20 - 22 = $67/$80*
9" serves 24 - 26 = $80/$92*
10" serves 28 - 30  = $92/$108*

Inquire about tiered cake servings/pricing
2 layer cake .png

Wedding Kitchen
Sheet Cakes

2 and 3 layer cakes include vanilla buttercream filling

Can be scored for easy cutting!  

*flavored fillings 


1/4 sheet

2 layer serves 36 = $89/99*

3 layer serves 54  = $146/$163*

1/3 sheet 

2 layer serves 48 = $118/132*

3 layer serves 72 = $195/$218*

1/2 sheet 

2 layer serves 72 = $178/198*

3 layer serves 90 = $244/272*


Prices do not include any decoration

Increased price for decoration/detail





Prices range from $32 - $36 per dozen

*some exceptions apply

1 dozen minimum per flavor

3 dozen minimum per flavor for weddings 

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